Together, we will review your current financial situation and agree on the amount you are willing to invest. Strategic asset allocations will be based on your chosen level of risk and reward – Cautious, Moderately Cautious, Balanced and Adventurous. We will provide advice on the level of returns you can expect from your chosen investment strategy and explain any tax implications. You will benefit from a tailored investment portfolio aligned to your attitude to risk and financial objectives. We will regularly review your investment strategy to help you stay on track.

We offer a choice of risk-rated portfolios and funds. When it comes to fund management, we offer full transparency at every stage. As one of our clients, you will benefit from our online system called Platform, where you can see all your investments – ISAs, General Investment Account and Pensions – on one single page.

Here are three key benefits of our Platform system:

  1. Gain clarity of where your money is being invested and a breakdown of the value

  2. See how well your portfolio is performing before and after charges

  3. Full transparency and breakdown of all activities

We can help you with the following types of investment:

  • ISA & Junior Isa
  • General Investment Account
  • Investment Bonds

As with all investments, the value and the income generated can fall as well as rise. This means you may not get back what you originally invested or transferred into your account. The risks in your portfolio will depend on the investments you have chosen. Your adviser should explain all these risks to you as part of their recommendation.