Whether you need a mortgage or pension review, investment strategy, or better ways to protect your loved ones or business, we can help. Our aim is to help you achieve your financial goals and the lifestyle you desire.

The decision to call the company ‘Gransha’ was based on an important family connection. ‘Gransha’ was the name of a farm owned by Jim Slowey’s grandfather, which was also his father’s birthplace. As a firm, we believe that successful financial advice considers the needs of the whole family. Under Jim’s leadership, we have succeeded in building long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We actively invite our client’s families into our office, offering tailored financial advice to every generation. We are open and transparent, always providing full clarity on your pensions and investments. We are backed by one of the UK’s largest financial adviser networks, which has strong credentials, giving our clients full peace of mind. Every pension is actively managed by up to 20 Fund Managers, and we have access to a panel of protection providers.

Client statement

Gransha Financial Services Limited endeavours to…

  • Explain all the facts clearly and truthfully so that the client understands their current
    financial situation.
  • Provide the correct information, be available to explain and discuss their needs now
    and in the future.
  • Honour all promises and representations made to clients.