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How Pension Changes Affect Everyone

In the past three years there have been dramatic changes to the way people save for their pensions in the UK and the role that employers have in helping them to build up a pension pot. The process of setting up new workplace pension schemes, called auto enrolment, has...

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Will You Be A Silver Entrepreneur?

Retirement isn’t what it used to be. A century ago, when old age pensions were first introduced, life expectancy was far lower than it is today. After a life of hard manual work, most people of retirement age, enjoyed on average, only 31 percent of their total...

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What Are The Alternatives To Annuities?

It seems that wherever one looks in the media at the moment a commentator, government minister or journalist is stepping forward to tell us how awful annuities are and posing the question: why are annuities so bad? This, therefore is an important statement that should...

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What’s My Pension Worth?

It’s hard to argue about the importance of saving for old age. Those still of working age need to look at how they are going to finance their later years. Those already retired need to think about getting the most out of their available finances. The exact rules...

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